S&J Management will communicate with our partners (or your providers) to give them the full story but also encourage professionals to sit together with our client so our business owners get an overall look at their business from all perspectives. There is more to business than just bookkeeping, tax, and CRA.

Where do you fit and what do you need out of your business?

British Columbia Partners

Carlo Guisto

Real Estate Agent

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Danielle “Dani” Brito


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Financial Advisor
Group Benefit Insurance


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Ashley Hammer

Office Organizing Specialist

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Alberta Partners


Phil Mutanho

US, Canadian & Cross Boarder Tax Experts

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Shelley Germann

Corporate, Real Estate Law & Wills Estate

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Sharlene Scott

Mortgage Advisor

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Ernest Cremers

Safety Professionals

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Ryan Cushner

Commercial Insurance

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Nadine Wellwood

Corporate Investment and Advisor

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