Customized Training

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S&J Management Ltd targets your bookkeeping training, specifically to your business needs and industry. When providing one on one training with your business needs in mind it will allow more time and efficiency to be put into training you to reach your goals. We find that “courses” or groups settings take away from the direct problems that you have as a business owner.

If you are a new client to S&J Management then we offer a free 1 hour consultation that will allow us to get know you and your business a little better. We would take that time to also review your software and then put together a game plan on the areas that you need training, so you can then support your business better.  We would then have you come back on a schedule day to start the training. 

We provide Training and Modules in the following areas:

(Includes technical, in-house or support by phone)

  • QuickBooks Software ONLY
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Training (including use of QuickBooks)
    • Bookkeeping targeted to your business needs
    • How to file all your CRA obligations!
    • How to read your financials to make better business decisions
    • What are your tax implications both corporately and personally?
    • Unlimited support as you grow through your business
    • Set up and Installation of your Accounting Software
    • On-call Assistance/Support
    • Setting up your accounting department
    • Assisting your accounting department
    • Setting up your computerized software
    • Training on your computerized software
  • Training new / existing staff